Thermal Imaging Cameras & Endoscopes

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Distrelec is a leading supplier of an extensive range of detection and inspection equipment, supplying thermal imaging cameras and professional quality endoscopes for internal viewing and the inspection of cavity walls and other voids. Thermal imaging cameras are an essential piece of kit for anyone working in the preventative maintenance sector. In many instances, mechanical and electrical faults can cause excess heat before failure. This makes them easy to identify and fix - with the help of thermal imaging cameras - without costly downtime and the risk of fire. Distrelec offers high-quality thermal imaging cameras from manufacturers including Optris, Peaktech and Fluke that enable the quick identification of issues such as heat loss, condensation, and much more. Inspection cameras and endoscopes are indispensable for the visual inspection of ventilation systems, cavity walls, cabling installations, castings, fabrications and any other place that is hard to view. Distrelec also supplies a wide range of related accessories. Whether you work in predictive maintenance or are a building professional, electrical engineer, R&D specialist or involved in factory automation and safety, Distrelec has the right tools for the job. Varying models are available, from those suitable for people just discovering the benefits of thermal imaging and endoscopes, to state-of-the-art models for industry professionals.