A spectrum analyser is a laboratory instrument that is widely used in the electronics sector. It is designed to analyse the frequency of radio and audio signals. The frequency is shown on the horizontal axis and the amplitude on the vertical axis. There are many similarities to an oscilloscope and some instruments are, in fact, capable of functioning as both instruments. Distrelec supplies a wide range of bench and handheld spectrum analysers, from companies such as Aim-TTi, Metrix, Tektronix and FLUKE Networks. A logic analyser is designed to capture and display multiple signals from a digital system or circuit. A logic analyser can convert the captured data into assembly language, timing diagrams, state machine traces and protocol decodes. It is also possible to harness the processing power of a computer. Logic analysers have advanced triggering capabilities and are useful for observing the timing relationships between multiple signals in a digital system. Distrelec sells logic analysers in several formats, made by Asix and Teledyne LeCroy. They are small devices and easily capable of fitting into a laptop bag or similar. Logic analysers feature a USB slot for connection to a device and are equipped with the necessary software, drivers and target cables. Accessories for spectrum analysers and logic analysers are also available at Distrelec.