The SITRANS P200 pressure transmitter for relative and absolute pressure is a reliable single-range transmitter for the industrial sectors of mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, energy engineering, chemistry and water supply systems.

Pressure gauges from the SITRANS P series allow users to benefit from optimum measurement accuracy, robustness as well as innovative operation. Whether international certifications or industrial standards: The measuring transducers are reliable partners that fulfil the ever more complex tasks found in the process industry.


The compact SITRANS P200 single-range pressure transmitter is suitable for measuring absolute pressure up to 16 bar and relative pressure up to 60 bar. Each P200 is equipped with two stainless steel sensors and a sensor with a ceramic diaphragm. The combination of multiple sensors in the SITRANS P200 makes it easy to measure process pressure, absolute pressure and hydrostatic pressure. The pressure detected by these sensors can be also converted into an analogue 4–20-mA or 0–10-V signal.



High on benefits — low on cost

The SITRANS P200 pressure transmitter has an excellent cost/benefit ratio.
Performance profile in brief:
  • High degree of measurement accuracy
  • Sturdy stainless steel housing
  • High degree of overload resistance
  • For aggressive and non-aggressive media
  • For measuring the pressure of liquids, gases and vapours
  • Compact design
  • Excellent long-term stability: 0.25% / 12 months
  • Relative measuring range: 1 bar to 60 bar
  • Absolute measuring range: 0.6 bar to 16 bar
  • Electrical connection: DIN plug
  • Pressure connection: G1/2"
  • Protection class: IP 65