Build your edge computing solution with MOXA products today!

When users seek out an edge computing solution, they are looking for a small, ruggedized computer solution for close integration into specific IIoT applications. With the experience in IIoT project installations over the past few years, Moxa has designed industrial-grade RISC and x86 computing platforms for edge computing with leading thermal technology and a reliable fanless design that are a best fit for data acquisition and processing at field sites as well as a programmable communication gateway for many other large-scale IIoT deployments.

Benefits of Moxa‘s RISC and x86 Edge Computing Platforms:

  1. Compact Size, Versatile Functionality: Moxa’s edge computing platforms come in compact size that can fit in the palm of your hand, but still come with the interfaces you’d expect: serial ports, Ethernet ports, DI/DO ports, Mini PCIe socket, and HDMI / Display / VGA port(s) for communication and image output. They also come with two mounting options: DIN-rail or wallmount to fit different installation needs.
  2. Fanless Design and Wide-temp Tolerance for Harsh Environments: Industrial environments can greatly affect the performance of computers, and result in systems overheating and eventually crashing. The advanced thermal design of Moxa’s edge computing platforms ensures reliable system operation in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 70°C in a fanless enclosure, keeping the system running 24/7 in industrial settings.
  3. Industry Certifications: Moxa’s edge computing solutions follow critical industrial standards to ensure compliance with international standards and pass strict tests, including continuous exposure to dry heat, cold/hot temperatures, humidity, high voltage, vibration, power surges, and shock. For instance, MC-1121-E4-T-W7E is ATEX, IEC Ex Zone 2, DNV, and IEC 60945 certified for oil and gas and marine applications. These rigorous safety standards ensure long-lasting, reliable operations in harsh environments, perfect for applications in heavy industry, power and utilities, transportation, oil and gas, or maritime.

UC-8112-LX1 RISC computing platform

The UC-8112-LX1 computing platform is designed for embedded data acquisition applications. This tiny embedded computer comes with RS232/422/485 ports and LAN ports. It is a reliable and secure gateway for data acquisition and processing purposes.


UC-8112-ME-T-LX1 RISC computing platform

With its ARMv7 Cortex-A8 1000 MHz processor, the UC-8112-ME-T-LX1 is widely applicable to a variety of industrial solutions. Versatile communication capabilities let users efficiently adapt the UC-8112-ME-T-LX1 to a variety of complex communications solutions.


MC-1121-E4-T-W7E Quad-core embedded computer

The Moxa MC-1121-E4-T-W7E DIN-rail, fanless, x86 embedded computer is based on the Intel® Atom™ E3845 processor, feature the most reliable I/O design to maximize connectivity, and support wireless modules (WiFi/3G/LTE), making them suitable for a diverse range of communication applications.

V2201-E1-T-W7E Intel® Atom™ Embedded Computer

The Moxa V2201 series ultra-compact x86 embedded computer is based on the Intel® Atom™ E3800 series processor. The computer’s thermal design ensures reliable system operation in temperatures ranging from -40 to 85°C. Typical applications: Data acquisition, factory automation, predictive maintenance.