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At RECOM Power, when it comes to power conversion, they have always been very attentive to their customers' needs and wishes, and have invested millions over the past decade in product development, growing their quality assurance lab, and expanding the scope of their worldwide distribution activities. This means they have close by to their customers' production facilities around the globe, offering the most reliable products available on today's market ... with top-notch support - and, of course, competitive prices. Over the past 20 years, it has become common practice to purchase DC/DC converters as a finished module. This applies to all segments of the electronics industry, including industrial automation, transportation engineering, telecommunications, data technology, measurement technology, and medical electronics. Even for very large production runs, it's rarely worthwhile for a company to develop their own DC/DC converter, particularly in view of the stringent international standards that apply nowadays. Their customers have at their disposal today what is probably the largest selection of converters on the market, including DC/DC and AC/DC converters in all output powers up to 480 watts; plus a broad range of switching regulators and LED drivers.


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