Recent Webshop Enhancements

We have been gathering your feedback and you helped us understand what areas of the webshop we need to improve to provide you with a better experience online. As a result, we’re excited to share some of the new functionality that’s already available as well as what we’re still working on in able to serve you better.

Order Approval Manager

Our new Order Approval Manager will help you increase efficiency by managing your department and team online. It enables you, as the approver, to add sub-users to your account and define budget limits per order and year. With this tool, you remain in control of your purchasing spend and budget, benefiting from completely paperless order approval. Reduce your administration time and try our new tool today.

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Availability & Price Information

The product detail page layout has been updated and now includes more space for details on availability information, including confirmed future deliveries from our suppliers. Supplier standard lead-times are soon to be included as well to help you have better visibility of when more products will be available to ship to you. Additionally, detailed bulk price steps and savings per bulk step are also displayed.

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Order History Improvements

Delivery information details are also improved. We now distinguish between partially and fully shipped goods within order history, with complete visibility of backorders, showing delivery dates for every individual line item. You can now search by order number, invoice number, reference number, date and other criteria to find your order information faster.

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Accessories and Suggested Products

We’ve updated our product pages to show you relevant accessories for the products you’re viewing, as well as other products that our customers have bought at the same time. Helping you to identify products that work together.

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Soon to come:

Improvements to search

We’re in the final stages of redesigning the search results pages:

  • New design for our filters, giving you the ability to better select a range of values and filter your search results more easily.
  • Optimising the way we show categories for easier orientation and faster selection.
  • Additional tabular view for search results. All of our product details will be available in a new table view, allowing you to better sort and compare search results.

We’re also working on new infrastructure to speed up our search engine, helping you to find the products you need, faster.

End of life enhancements

We are updating the way we deal with products we no longer stock, keeping the product information in the webshop for longer whilst highlighting relevant alternatives to help you with future product selections for obsolete products.

Track & trace information

Track and trace information from our carriers will be included within order history to help your track your shipments.

Purchase your quotes online

You’ll soon be able to view and purchase quotes on the webshop with our new online quotes tool. Whether you need higher volumes, items not listed on our website, or more than we have in stock, we’ll be able to help you.