Interruption free power supplies and signal transmissions

Phoenix Contact knows that a constant and reliable power supply is vital to the operation of electrical systems, installations and devices. Therefore, they have developed surge protection solutions you can rely on.

Surge protection for your power supply

If you need nonreactive, powerful surge protection technology you need Safe Energy Control, known as SEC for short. They are discreet, working in the background providing consistent safeguarding for your entire system - including backup fuses.

Phoenix Contact has a wide product range that include type 1, 2 and 3 protective devices, suitable for all applications.

The SEC family has numerous user-friendly features as well as being compact, pluggable and easy to install.

Surge protection for your measurement and control technology

Phoenix Contact have developed combined circuit breakers with components that are powerful and responsive. They know that signal interfaces are sensitive to surges and the circuit breakers are just the right solution.

The PLUGTRAB range of protective devices are incredibly practical. The pluggability of the arresters allows function checks to be done easily, and any replacements made quickly - even during system operation.

Photovoltaic system protection

Photovoltaic systems need special protective circuits, and very depending on the system configurations and grounding conditions. Phoenix Contact has a range of suitable arresters that can safely handle high DC voltages.

Their pre-assembled set solutions make the installation of surge protection in your PV systems really simple. Also, tracking and monitoring systems must be protected against interference and data loss. Make sure you use appropriate arresters to protect your data and control cables.