Testo's new measurement technology

To reduce wear and downtime, buildings, equipment and machines require professional maintenance and reliable service. Testo can provide you with appropriate and efficient solutions to a range of challenges.

Testo Smart Probes

Compact measuring devices that are optimised for smartphones, with Testo professional quality.


Testo 865–Testo 872 thermal imager

The new Testo 865–872 thermal imagers have the highest image quality in their class, allowing them to analyse buildings and equipment like never before.




Testo electrical measurement technology

Testo's innovative electrical testing devices impress with their exceptionally user-friendly operating concept and set new benchmarks thanks to their intelligent technology: Digital multimeters that automatically detect measured quantities, current clamp meters with a unique gripping mechanism and voltage testers that also measure current.




Testo Saveris 2 WIFI data logger

The modern solution for monitoring temperatures and humidity, with mobile data access and a notification function in the event of limit values being exceeded.

Data logger Channels




Testo 420 volume flow hood

The easy, precise and convenient solution for adjusting air-conditioning systems.

Air Flow Meter