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There are many different types of calibration. Calibration testing can be carried out on a range of products and types of equipment, across multiple areas. One of the most common types of calibration services used is pressure calibration. This is a commonly used method of calibration in which hydraulic pressure and gas are calculated across a broad spectrum. A range of pressure balances and calibrators is normally used, together with a selection of pressure gauges. Taking the ISO 17025 UKAS accreditation into consideration is important when calibrating pressure, as is adhering to national standards. The types of pressure equipment that can be tested for calibration include barometers, digital pressure gauges, analogue pressure gauges, transmitters, test gauges, transmitters and digital indicators. Electrical calibration is a process used to measure current frequency, voltage and resistance. Electrical calibration has to comply with UKAS accredited standards. Electrical calibration measures thermocouple simulation, covering process instrumentation and resistance. Examples of electrical equipment able to be tested for calibration are multimeters, insulation testers, RCDs, clamp meters, data loggers, loop testers and counter timers. A wide range of calibrators and accessories are available at Distrelec, from manufacturers including Fluke, Gossen Metrawatt and Keysight.