The industrial Ethernet market produces robustly engineered products suitable of standing up to the rigours of industrial settings. The types of Ethernet switches, routers, patch bays and wiring looms found in domestic and office settings can all be found in the industrial sector, but they are reinforced or manufactured from tougher materials to withstand the environments they’ll be used in. In addition, some industrial Ethernet products rely on protocols that utilise a modified MAC layer. This allows them to provide a low level of latency. Since some components used in these products face extreme temperatures, vibration and even high humidity levels, they are often tested to their limit before they are accepted. Industrial products also frequently use full-duplex standards, unlike office or domestic Ethernet components, so that unwanted data collisions are minimised. Industrial Ethernet products are not just those that are commonly found in a data server room, such as Ethernet device servers. They are also made for the entire wiring system, including wall feed-through products, outlet systems and other accessories. Where patch cables are made for industrial settings, they are booted so that they can stand up to repeated unplugging and re-plugging without becoming faulty.