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A clock relay is an electronically operated switch with a circuit, designed to meet timing requirements. Firmware built into the board enables triggering the relay through setting up a time schedule. An integrated real-time clock with battery backup controls the time schedule. Advanced relays have the capability to configure multiple events, have override settings and can be controlled by external computers. Depending on the type of clock relay, the relays may be triggered all at once, or in sequence. The best clock relays combine ease of use, have a compact design that makes installation easy, and offer flexibility to adapt the relay to the specific requirement. Clock relays come in different models, with multiple mount options, choice of counters, flexible range of input voltage, timing range and various functionality being the key differentiation. Most clock relays also come fitted with accessories such as knobs and a radio receiver, to enhance functionality. Some models offer customisation options, catering to special pin configurations, remote adjustments and more. Timer clock relay modules are widely used for a host of applications, such as to turn motors and air conditioning on and off at preset times, manage lights and more. Timer clocks for DIN assembly and control panel assembly find widespread use in industrial control equipment.